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Blogger has improved and so does me!

Its been awhile since I shared a story on this blog. I had a lot of things going on lately. Got websites to develop, audio-visuals to supervise, a new group in Baguio to launch, a new set of ORM prospects, Region 1 expansion, speaking engagements in Baguio, in Vigan and in Eastern Pangasinan plus of course a major client to monitor.

Yeah. I’m not busy after all.

I did this photo supposedly to join a contest but unfortunately, I can’t connect to the internet in our house in Baguio City, so i wasn’t able to upload it. I find it relative to Blogger’s new interface. Its improvement is better for bloggers like me. It is better today than it was yesterday and so I am, too.

We have a lot of things coming up this September. We are going to launch Baguio DigiPreneur Society and we are so excited about it. Baguio is a highly urbanized city and people are very active and highly intelligent there. I believe Baguio ranks “Top 9 in the Cities of the Future.” Wow, it makes it more exciting to be pa…

Pangasinan Digital ICT Congress 2011

Pangasinan- a richly blessed province yet once considered a dragon on a slumber. It has now tremendously transformed and is experiencing economic rebirth. Today, a leading premier province in the North with life and investment thriving, pulsing and full of opportunities. Yet the province is still restless and pushing boundaries ready to thrust into the wave of the future.

Going digital
is the wave of the future and is considered the missing link that will fully optimized Pangasinan’s vision of economic advancement and development specially in its way of doing business in the government.
Pangasinan will never be caught groping in the dark tunnel in this ever changing landscape of digital technology, it has even raise the gear to full throttle to close the gap in achieving its vision of becoming “the best place to invest, work, live and raise a family”.

Thus the Provincial Government is staging the 1st Pangasinan Digital ICT Congress as its first step towards, stepping up the game as it r…

This week in Politics and Digital

Wednesday was the start of the work week because of the long holidays declared by the National Government. As many people are spending their holidays somewhere else, many chose to stay at home due to bad weather.

Upon return to my beloved province, there was a new project waiting for our team. The I love Pangasinan video, we were to gather video clips from interviewees of different people in Pangasinan.

Next our proposed project for the Governor was approved by the Provincial Administrator. Sir Raffy, as he is fondly called is supportive of projects related to information technology. He knows that the society is going also with the digital shift.

And an event to showcase all of those things like the Pangasinan Digital ICT Fair is ready to roll out. This event is scheduled on the second week of November at the Capitol Grounds.

And then there are Bloopers along the way.

Urdaneta refused to accept the tons of trash from Baguio City because allegedly the city can only accomodate 10 tons…