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Cagayan Food Crawl: Promoting the Philippines, One Flavor at a Time

20 restaurants. 10 bloggers. 2 days. 
In two days, close to 20 restaurants in Tuguegarao have hosted the bloggers and social media influencers and allowed them to review their best-sellers and must-try dishes. Authentic local cuisines were served, heirloom recipes, the flavors of Cagayan was put to test. 

Will the bloggers like it? Will it pass their discriminating palates, will they share the local food stories in the region? 
The first-ever Cagayan Food Crawl is a food appreciation tour for bloggers and digital influencers in Northern Luzon. It aims to promote and help the F&B industry in Region 2, Cagayan Valley. 
It was held last April 8 and 9, in line with the Department of Tourism’s (DOT) theme - Flavors of The Philippines. The DOT Cagayan Valley Region  supported the said momentous event. 
The most exciting part was the warmth of restaurateurs in the area. A total of 60 dishes were served for review. Each has its own characteristic, each has its own story to tell. 
There was fusi…

Making desserts on TV

Being interviewed on TV happened to me numerous times, primarily about digital media and social media stuff. But this is my first time to do a live demo making desserts on TV.

It feels a bit scary. Bringing my brand on live television and making it myself. I made a local version of an Asian dessert called Cendol. Its a green bean based dessert which resembles halo-halo in our country. Its mostly composed of sweetened fruits in season on a bowl of crushed ice with milk and a little sugar.

The interviewer was a friend, broadcaster Alfie Tulagan of GMA TV 10, and his ever- talented cameraman.

The ingredients were :

1. Cendol
2. Sweet Potato
3. Langka/ Jackfruit
4. Red beans
5. Crushed ice
6. Fresh milk
7. Sugar (optional)

Will upload the video on my Youtube Channel.

Rebranding an old Blog

I was surprised to learn that I have this blog ages ago. And I decided to embrace the #momfluencer hashtag as a description of what life has made of me and what I was doing for the last 20 years of my life.

So I am now rebranding this blog and relaunching it too to share my stories about my experience with brands, destinations, attractions and food.

So I appreciate if you stay with me longer and join me in this mom journey. I promise to share with you fresh content twice a week so I appreciate if you subscribe to this blog and let me know your thoughts in the comment section.