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Blogger has improved and so does me!

Its been awhile since I shared a story on this blog. I had a lot of things going on lately. Got websites to develop, audio-visuals to supervise, a new group in Baguio to launch, a new set of ORM prospects, Region 1 expansion, speaking engagements in Baguio, in Vigan and in Eastern Pangasinan plus of course a major client to monitor.

Yeah. I’m not busy after all.

I did this photo supposedly to join a contest but unfortunately, I can’t connect to the internet in our house in Baguio City, so i wasn’t able to upload it. I find it relative to Blogger’s new interface. Its improvement is better for bloggers like me. It is better today than it was yesterday and so I am, too.

We have a lot of things coming up this September. We are going to launch Baguio DigiPreneur Society and we are so excited about it. Baguio is a highly urbanized city and people are very active and highly intelligent there. I believe Baguio ranks “Top 9 in the Cities of the Future.” Wow, it makes it more exciting to be pa…