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Decoding the myth of Taal through Club Balai Isabel

The Taal Volcano is believed to be the smallest volcano in the world. Its also located in the Philippines.

The best way to go to the volcano island and personally see its crater is through Club Balai Isabel in Talisay Batangas.

Club Balai Isabel Batangas should be your next destination. It has all the great things needed for a complete summer getaway. Nestled along the coast of Lake Taal, this first-class resort offers a wide range of exciting activities for the family, for the barkada, for the team and for organizations big or small.

My daughter and I, together with fellow bloggers stayed in a villa a few steps near everything. From the restaurant to the pool, to the lake, it was perfect for a group of 10 or more.

We were  warmly welcomed by the staff and crew. Gave us refreshing welcome drinks after we toured  the club premises. Just looking at the pool beside the restaurant relaxes the senses and we stayed there until lunch time.

Club Balai Isabel served us a hearty lunch. A smoking hot soup, BULALO was one of the stars of the meal. Everyone partake the soup and asked for an extra serving. Sipping the soup makes us stronger to explore  Balai and participating in the water sports in the afternoon.

Who can refuse a piping hot bowl of bulalo from Batangas? No one. 

Next we had perfectly fried "tawilis" a fish specie that only grows and breeds in the naturally sulfur-infused Taal Lake.

Fried tawilis, a must-try dish

After lunch, we had to check our room and prepare for jet ski, the flying fish and the banana boat. A trip to Club Balai Isabel will not be complete without experiencing water activities like these all in one place, Balai. The jet ski ride and the banana boat gave us a thrilling experience about the vastness of Taal Lake. I imagined what was it before the eruptions in the early centuries.

Jetskiing with the daughter, I feel so nervous but it was so much fun

You must try the flyfish! Believe me

Because of the wet and wild lake adventure, its was time to go to the pools. We dipped like no one's watching. And we participated in the pool zumba with other guests. We had so much fun watching them.

Pool dance party participated in by young and old alike

We learned that aside from rest and relaxation, Club Balai Isabel also offers numerous activities  and caters to various events mostly intimate and private.

Your company or team can enjoy team-building activities in the greeneries.
team building sessions can be requested

A romantic dinner can be set-up in various areas too
Celebrity couple Oyo Boy Sotto and Kristine Hermosa had their wedding here!

Dinner was made special because aside from the buffet set-up, a singer on keyboard whose voice is mesmerising like Sitti, the bossanova queen impressed us all. It made us chill on a Friday night by the lake.

And finally, decoding the Taal mystery.

We woke up early morning to trek the Taal crater. We are so used to see the Binintiang Malaki photographed and mistaken as the Taal Volcano itself. According to Balai, although the Binintiang Malaki is also a crater volcano, the Taal volcano is the entire island. It has a lake within a lake!

Would you believe we were faked! Haha.

The most photographed Taal Volcano is actually Binintiang Malaki, which also has a crater
A twenty minute or less boat ride to the island and an hour trek is needed to see the  magnificent crater. Club Balai Isabel facilitates tours to the island. It is a good move since Balai also provides economic benefits to the locals by a) being tour guides  b) utilising horses as income- generating activities for the inhabitants and c) teaching the community to preserve the natural wonder by taking care of it and sustaining it for long-term benefits.

I like the idea. Its a win-win scenario. Even if I spend 3,000 for the tour (P2,500 for the boat + tour guide + 450 for the horse +50 for the buko juice atop the crater) its all damn worth it. It goes to good cause.

The horse with no name, so I named her Patricia

Yes, I took the horse. I suck at trekking, I felt my lungs almost burst. Horseback riding was 25-minute trip versus the climbing on foot consuming an hour or more depending on your stamina.

What did we see after all those body aches and the scorching heat of the sun?

Ohhhhh, drooling over the super amazing view of  Mother Nature's masterpiece-- The Crater of the Taal Volcano and the Lake within a Lake. Its sparklingly clear, you can actually see the clouds and the sky reflection down its turquoise blue waters.

At last we discovered and decoded the mystery of Taal, thanks to Club Balai Isabel.

The daughter proudly reached the crater by foot 
Now stop reading this and pack your bags. Book a room at Club Balai Isabel and #YOUMUSTTRYTHIS!

Club Balai Isabel can be reached at their website :
Or by phone through their Makati Office: 02.897.0229 (fax), 02.895.7230
Or at their Batangas Office 02.584.4068/ 043.728.0907
Or through a mobile number 0917.872.1512
You can also email them at : info@balaiisabel and


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