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RealStew: The Next Big Thing on the Web

Admittedly, I am a netizen who spends most of my waking hours on the Internet. Data gathering, research, blogging, doing internet marketing and social media strategy with my clients.

As a journalist, its normal to scour the web for valuable information that is shareable to the community. As an advocate of continuous learning, its also important to look for thought-leaders, learn about what is new and what is most likely to trend.

For entrepreneurs like me, I am always on the lookout for business opportunities that the web can offer so I can take advantage of it, learn what others are doing and what the world is going crazy about. Week by week, regularly.

Wearing many hats, I frequent various websites. Most of them social networking sites, per industry site, special interest sites, niche blogs, news sites and finance websites.

There is really no single website that makes me stay or spend my entire web surfing on. All piecemeal.

So when RealStew was introduced to me, which is more of an aggregated platform and a “global communication center”, I felt excited and amazed. Really? Is there a website that can cater to three important functions of the web like communication, finance and knowledge?

Nah, its too good to be true.

And then I was given access to the site which is still being pilot tested. I got to experience its awesome features like RealVoice – a tab for government or politicians to reach out and get comments from their constituents and businesses can use to get feedback from customers.

Real Blog – a tab where bloggers will very much enjoy because it shows real-time followers and subscribers who are online along with the blogger. RealCoin – is a financial gateway that facilitates the settlement of any buy and sell transaction in any nominated currency in the world.

It also has an online store application where the user can sell his goods and receive payment too.

Talk about social. RealStew has integrated Facebook and Twitter notifications in your account. I find it so cool, you don’t have to open so many tabs at the same time.

And we’re in for a big time luck, RealStew has RealMentor in it too, that industry experts and all those thought-leaders you look up to will provide mentorship to you on your account only in RealStew. Now, what site does that? Nada. Only RealStew. And that’s the real stew.

I could talk about this fascinating RealStew site by Paddy Delaney the whole day and in a series of blog posts. But what I want readers of this blog to remember is that RealStew is the next big thing.

For more information on this excitingly huge startup that is taking New Zealand by storm, visit and like their Facebook page and learn the easiest and most effective way to engage and interact with your friends.

Watch out for the worldwide launch of the global gateway that centralizes your communication, knowledge and finances — RealStew.


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